Roy Jackson

Roy Jackson (jazz drummer)

Roy Jackson - Drummer
Roy Jackson – Drummer

Roy Jackson started playing drums at the age of 7, teaching himself how to play by listening to records and watching other drummers. Then at secondary school, at age 13, he had the chance to take drum lessons with Carl Clausen. Roy’s teacher felt that he had a natural gift and feel, so he just put Roy through grades 5 and 8 on the full drum kit. He passed both with merit. Having made his way through the Guildhall school of music and drama syllabus, he worked his way through all grades on snare drum.

Roy then went on to do the pre-professional music course at Cricklade College in Andover (now Andover college) which consists of two A-levels in music theory and performance. He managed to do this whilst playing in several jazz groups, pit bands, big bands and was also in great demand as a dep, whenever anyone needed a drummer.

After leaving college Roy played in all manner of bands from orchestral to funk and soul. However, his main focus of my playing has always been in jazz and this is the style that Roy has become mostly associated with these days. From 2007-2009 Roy played with the ‘Mike Miller Trio’, the ‘Swing Junkies’ (with Steve Conway on vocals) and jazz/funk/soul band ‘JFS Collective’, winning the ‘2-10fm search for a band’ competition in Basingstoke. Nowadays Roy Jackson can be seen playing with funk/soul band ‘Back2funk’ and various performances with Steve Conway and Eugene Portman.